9 (plus one) of Our Favorite Non Jiu Jitsu Accounts on Instagram

It is easy to let your social media get over taken with Jiu Jitsu companies, athletes and blogs.  I am certainly guilty of this as well.  That said our brand was built on many non-endemic influences. Below is a collection of 10 Instagram accounts in no particular order that drive our creative spirit, aspirations and influence us on the daily.

Supreme New York

Followers: 1.1M
Why follow:
Supreme is a clothing brand born from the skateboarding culture and boasting 9 of it's own stores including New York, LA, London and 6 in Japan. Since 1994 founder James Jebbia has kept the brand, clothing and messaging extremely consistent while always blurring the line between gritty skate and high end men's fashion. It is not uncommon to see collaborations with Comme des Garçons SHIRT and Nike SB in the same collection. Always a leader and innovator, this is an easy follow.

Mackey Saturday

Followers: 12.5k
Why follow:
Mackey is a graphic designer by trade but might as well be a paid photographer.  Doing design work for clients like Instagram and Benny Gold while also owning his own boutique called Steadbrook he is all over the globe.  From the most simplistic lines of a building to capturing the beautiful scenery of California and Colorado, Mackey is always creating even when he is behind the lens.


Followers: 1.6M
Why follow:
HYPEBEAST is a men's blog focusing on fashion, footwear, design and entertainment. If any of those genres interest you and you want a one stop shop this is for you. You can always expect well curated content and extremely high quality photography.


Followers: 587k
Why follow:
Tim McGurr aka “13thWitness” is a New Yorker, and son of legendary street artist Futura. Always sharing a unique perspective, Tim's pictures are always breathtaking with his wonderful use of lines and subject matter. If you enjoy architecture and photography 13thWitness is your jam.


Followers: 20k
Why follow:
Many on the list I have some personal bias to but Jiberish is a company I am co-founder of with two other business partners.  Jiberish is a men's apparel company influenced by the outdoors and Colorado lifestyle marketed specifically to the ski and snowboard community. Certainly a huge influence on the Nine Lives brand and glimpse into my experience in clothing production.

Studio Mast
Followers: 1,614
Why follow:
Denver based branding studio that is run by Scott Hill and Travis Ladue.  Studio Mast and specifically Scott are responsible for the Nine Lives logo and branded typeface. These guys set the standard for developing beautiful images and relevant messages.


Followers: 1.1M
Why follow:
If you like the internet, pop culture and are not adverse to laughing then just trust me on this one.

ICNY Sport

Followers: 33k
Why follow:
Founder Mike Cherman started ICNY Sport with one product, reflective 3M socks. This unique product was out of necessity and Mike wanting to be seen more easily while riding his bike through the streets of New York City at night. Fast forward a few years and this talented designer has taken the 3M reflective to now a full line of clothing. Look for Mike's keen design eye to come through in the beautiful photos on ICNY Sport's feed.


Followers: 111k
Why follow:
Bodega is a clothing and sneaker store hidden behind a secret entrance (Snapple Machine sliding door) and the facade of a run down convenience store. With brands like Acronym, Norse Projects, Nanamica, Carharrt WIP and a Nike Tier Zero account you can't go wrong shopping here. Their Instagram keeps you up to date on the most relevant sneaker releases and you can always expect top notch photography.

James Evans

Followers: 634
Why follow:
James is a graphic designer that has done many Jiberish designs over the years including a "Money Cat" Tee that inspired the Nine Lives logo. James' Instagram showcases his perspective of living and working in New York through his art, photography and cat 'Pusha T.'  Currently he has been featuring a series called "New Yorkers I Saw Today" which is a flip on the design aesthetic of the classic "The New Yorker" magazine.