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Nine Lives exists to shift the perception of quality design in a saturated market. A brand is what will rise to the top in an industry littered with competitors, starting in 2013 we spent two years building, sampling and tweaking every aspect of who we are before ever presenting what we offer. Our aspirations are to build a world wide family who already share a common interest in Jiu Jitsu and further refine that to a crew of folks who align with our passions. Nine Lives was established on an affinity for looking good in the streets as well as on the mats. Look good, feel good, roll good. Nine Lives is not reinventing the wheel with our Jiu Jitsu uniforms, but rather focusing on the principles of classic, clean design with a playful vibe.  Maneki Neko Nine Lives


In Japanese culture is literally 'beckoning cat' also called the money cat, welcoming cat, lucky cat or fortune cat in English. Everyone needs a little money, friendship, luck and good fortune in their life. Putting your neck on the line is the first step to accomplishing anything on or off the mat. Nine Lives is a brand for those who take risks, knowing the possibility of great reward. Taking risk will often be met with failure but we learn from failure and grow. Cats are said to have nine lives, which is derived from how they frequently escape death using stealth and athletic prowess. On the mat a simple tap and you get new life to start over with the knowledge you have gained. Each time you will come back stronger, wiser and therefore will begin to tap less, especially when you roll like you have nothing to lose.