Chapter 9 - "Kitsune"

Nine is a special number for this brand so the 9th chapter needed to be something different and unique. In Japanese 'Kitsune' means fox and these animals are common in Japanese folklore. While sometimes the foxes trick others in the folktales where kitsune appear, many times the foxes are seen as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives. The legends say that the more tails the kitsune has the more powerful it is. Nine tails being the most a fox may posses though. If this gi has supernatural powers then it certainly has the maximum level that a nine tailed fox would have. Hopefully you feel like you have a few extra tricks up your sleeve when you break this gi out on the mat.

The design comes from artist @ashton.alexandr who specializes in a neo traditional and Japanese tattoo style. There are no words or even our brand name on this kimono, only Japanese symbols including the number nine on the chest and the symbol for 'kitsune' on the pants.

Click here for sizing chart.

  • 550 GSM Pearl weave jacket
  • 12 oz cotton ripstop pants
  • Sublimation print satin on the inside jacket yoke, jacket vents, pant vents and crotch
  • Pearl weave gusset and inside knee reinforcement on the pants
  • Includes wooden Nine Lives laser engraved clothing hanger
  • 6 belt loops on pants
  • EVA foam padded collar covered with ripstop fabric
  • Sublimation print satin labels and embroidery
  • ID taped seams on sleeves, pants and bottom hem of jacket
  • Red gi with Black trim and embroidery
  • Contrast White left vent and black right vent
  • Model (5'11" and 175lbs) wearing A2 (un-washed)